Pilot: First Episode in Blogging

I’ve never really understood what a pilot episode was.  Maybe “pilot” was an inside joke of some sort.  Maybe “pilot” was something everyone but me found catchy and cool.

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I finally caved in to my curiosity and looked up the definition of a pilot episode, which is a first episode used to test the waters, see who’s watching the series and predict if the show will sink or float in the vast sea of TV shows.  According to TIME Magazine’s “Ready for Takeoff: 10 Greatest TV Pilot Episodes”, a pilot episode “should intrigue you enough  to make you want to come back for the next installment.”  I guess a pilot episode hasn’t ever worked its magic over me then.  The only TV show I watch periodically is Jeopardy, which doesn’t have an episode explicitly titled “Pilot”.  It has a first episode of course, but it doesn’t have the “Pilot” episode and doesn’t come out with fancy, clever titles every episode like other TV shows.  Maybe the fact that Jeopardy is a game show is a significant detail.  Nonetheless, Jeopardy and pilot episodes aside, I needed something to start my blog.



Leonard Cooper, pictured here, won Jeopardy: Teen Tournament, so yes he won $75,000.  He did not count his money wrong.  

The idea of starting a blog is not just something I have to do this year as part of my AP English Language class; in fact, I have been thinking of starting one ever since the beginning of sophomore year.  My friends graciously invited me to look at their blogs so that their English grades would not suffer, so I decided to have a look.  I was surprised by how dedicated my friends were to their blogs; I sat and ogled like a kid at a candy shop window.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t enter the shop; I had the money and I was big enough to open the door.  The action of entering the door was just so daunting because it existed.  How would I ever conquer the first post without being awkward?  Yet here I am, stumbling, backspacing my way through it; though I didn’t manage the “without being awkward” part, at least I’ve got a start.


Thanks to Mr. Ziebarth for giving me the push to actually start my blog!

Footnote:  I did not know sophomore was spelled “sophomore.”  I have been spelling it wrong all along.  I guess you learn something new everyday.

Pilot: First Episode in Blogging

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