When the Going Gets Tough: Stress Management

When the going gets tough, nothing gets me going like a good Disney gif or, when a good gif is not present, a good Disney quote.


  However, on the rare occasion that Disney quotes fail, I’m have but one option left: Disney songs.  Though it may seem childish and downright weird, one of my favorite ways to deal with stress is by singing Disney songs and if I’m really feeling up to it, doing some chores simultaneously.  When you just don’t feel like doing anything else, try it: singing helps me release pent up emotions and doing menial work is better than doing nothing.  At least my room is clean.  An added bonus to singing Disney songs is that you are no longer bound to reality; it’s like two functions approaching different y values at a given x value from opposite directions: there is no limit.  Seriously, just look at Snow White: it must be an awful lot of stress almost getting killed by a huntsman doing the bidding of your despotic, evil stepmother but Snow White remains positive about her future prospects.

Isn’t life grand?

It may seem ridiculous, bordering insane, but if you take her attitude and water it down a bit to acclimate it to modern soil, it’s a beneficial way of thinking to adopt.  I’m not saying that you should make your life a musical or that you can trust your prince/ princess charming to gallantly swoop in and save you from all the troubles that beset you, but that you should let Snow White’s cheerfulness sink in a little bit.  After all, we could always use more happiness in the world.

When the Going Gets Tough: Stress Management

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