Update: the Challenge and Life In General

I notice that I blog about myself very little; actually, the only post where I actually talk about myself much is the first post. . . I’ll try to get more of a mix between responses to literature/ talk about English to myself.

Well, the challenge is going not so great to say in the least; I got started on the basics, but ran into trouble keeping a steady work period.  I’m thinking that after I get used to junior year, things might start to calm down enough for me to get some substantial progress; that’s why I’m going to extend the duration of my challenge to two months.  I’m not going to change it again because that will only make me procrastinate even more, but that’s ample time for me to adjust and get those wheels turning on my challenge!  I look forward to sharing the results in late November!

Recently I haven’t really been having time sit down and think for a good while.  I think that thinking (like only thinking) is super important because it allows you to organize thoughts, write down a couple of tasks you might have missed during the day, come up with things you need to do, and so on and so forth.  I’m kind of obsessed with organizing; it will bother me a lot if things aren’t organized great or not organized at all.  I mean, I might not show it and my backpack may not currently reflect it, but I get stressed out when things just aren’t organized.

School life has been great, I don’t think I could ask for a better start to the school year.  It’s been hectic, but hey, it’s junior year, so who isn’t busy?  I think I have pretty manageable classes this year, so hopefully that will give me more time to pursue my goals (e.a. the challenge!).

I think that’s about it for now, I’m getting the hang of just blogging for the sake of expressing myself and blogging, so see y’all soon!

Update: the Challenge and Life In General

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