Stream of Thoughts

Where does life go?  I hadn’t even realized I had gotten to the end of the week without posting; I guess I had been putting off posting so long, that hours eventually turned into 7 days turned into a week.  Time doesn’t usually move this fast, but I guess this week was special.  Last Saturday, I took my SAT and last Wednesday, I took my PSAT. It’s kind of funny how much emphasis is placed on standardized testing, but I’ll leave that subject for another day.

I don’t remember much about the past week, but that’s pretty appropriate as I spent half the week sleeping.  I think my body chose last week to catch up on whatever number of hours I didn’t sleep during the summer or in the school year doing all the crazy things I do at night (like finishing a book, fanfiction or something; I know, radical).

In a way, my week was pretty interesting after all.  To balance out all of the sleeping, I also had days in which I couldn’t sleep because my dreams were too lucid.  That’s the thing about my dreams: I don’t have a say in what happens.  I have to just sit there and go along with everything that happens.  I can’t get out of them either because they’re so real to me.  I dreamed one night that my friends were planning scare me because they know how easily frightened I am.  I saw my friend in my bathroom, wearing a ski mask and vomiting blood, and I just stood there and watched.  Then I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep or the bathroom.  I had to wait until the morning light came out until I was okay with getting up and getting ready for school.

Just last night, I had another set of dreams.  It was pretty action packed but I don’t remember much, just the ending of it.  There was a man hanging off of a plane that was flying low, so low that the bottom of the ladder the man was hanging on skimmed the grass below.  He had a bag and was scattering flower petals in a majestic sort of way.  Then the dream switched gears and showed me women heading towards a lake in the middle of the day, which doesn’t sound too frightening until they ganged up on one woman and gracefully strangled her with brown raffia-like rope.  Then I saw two children remarking what a beautiful day it was.  I woke up after that.

I wish I knew how to get rid of dreams, but they’re sort of pleasant in a way.  When I was little, I used to dream about the last thing I read, which was fun because my mind created vivid visuals for me to observe.  I like to commend my mind on being so imaginative; I would actually use some of my dreams as plots for stories or something if they weren’t so violent.  I should lay off the scary movies and gory war novels for a while, if I want to have a good night’s sleep.  My brain’s a wild child, unlike me.

Speaking about scary things, Halloween is coming up soon.  I planned to make a costume from scratch this year, but I haven’t decided what I want to be and consequently, I haven’t started on a Halloween costume.

Stream of Thoughts

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