City Lights

Picture credits to Kim Seng on Flickr.

Are they city lights, or are they just blinkers on top of buildings?  I’m not really sure myself; from miles and miles away and with my poor eyesight, they could be just about anything.  They’re so pretty though, and I can’t help but just stare at the lights in the distance.  Usually, I only look out large windows at night during the summer to watch Disneyland fireworks, but today the lights are just as captivating.  Sure the fireworks are more showy and flashy, but the lights have a peculiar constance to them, the quiet little wonders.

Not much has happened over the last few days, but the things that did happen have made substantial changes to my life.  I finally made turn multiple forks in the road at once, after what seemed like months and months of being stuck at one in particular.  It seems odd to move forward so much after such a long period of deciding, and I’m a bit scared by just how fast life moves.  I needed the blinking lights today; their steady twinkling tells me to relax and breathe, and so I do.

City Lights

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