The Domino Effect

This is one of my posts on Come Down the Rabbit Hole, a year-long project I’m doing with my friends. Here’s a taste of our blog; check it out if you’re interested!

Come Down The Rabbit Hole

Moving forward without looking back is a pretty good life philosophy; future success may be hindered by a focus on past failures.  However, like all good advice, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.  An obsession with the past is obviously unhealthy, but correcting past mistakes is key in life.

People say that it took Thomas Edison more than a thousand tries to get the light bulb right, which is great evidence for the fruits of persistence, but let’s look closer.  Why was Thomas Edison successful in designing a working light bulb?  I might not know the full answer, but I do know that one part of it is this: Edison learned from what he did wrong in his previous light bulbs and modified his subsequent light bulbs accordingly.

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The Domino Effect

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