Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR): College Is Expensive

For my English class, I recently completed an online college portfolio, a collection of documents useful in the college application process.  This included items such as a resume, entrance essay, and college search write-up, all of which I put into a folder in Google Drive justly titled, “College Portfolio”.  If you are a rising senior (or even perhaps a curious rising junior), I highly recommend this project because it helped me reflect on myself as a person and got me a head start on applying to college.  

In order to pick colleges that would fit me, I thought that getting to know myself better would be a good place to start.  One of my assignments was to write a letter of recommendation for myself, pretending that I was one of my current teachers.  This assignment was interesting because I had to think about what I had done in that class and what characters I showed.  Of course, I would like a good letter of recommendation, but I had to consider my behavior and attitude towards the class during the school year.  Had I been engaged in class, or did I moan and groan and slug through class half asleep?  Did I bring my “A”-game to class everyday, or did I turn in subpar work that a sixth-grader would even consider rubbish?  These were all considerations in writing myself a letter of recommendation.

After becoming more fDoodle #1amiliar with myself, I picked some colleges to look into.  So what did I discover?  I found out that college is surprisingly expensive.  A shocker, I know.  I actually hadn’t anticipated college to cost so much; I had a rough idea of how much college cost, but I learned just how rough that idea was when I looked up the actual cost of college.  Ouch.

This project kept things real: I need to know myself to make better decisions and college will cost many a pretty penny.  Feel free to comment if you have questions about my college project or want some pointers as to how to go about college searching.

Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR): College Is Expensive

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